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Program Satisfaction Survey Comments

"The unbiased, relaxed atmosphere made it easier to participate.  I can't think of anyway to improve the class.  I was very nervous about
attending the program but this was probably the only decent thing about the whole situation."

"I benefited from listening to other stories that people had to share.  It helped me understand that stealing isn't right and if you want something you have to earn it in life."

"It was a great way to end my probation.  It was very informative, eye opening and has had a big impact on my life."

"The program helped me realize how much my crime has not only affected me but everyone around me."

"I learned that I have a bigger problem with alcohol than I thought and I need to change that."

"The information I obtained greatly influences my decision to quit long term.  I am actually considering quitting for good and not just for probation."

"Thanks for this course.  It gives me hope & understanding about life.  I want to live.  Using is a living death and I don't want that anymore."

"I have changed my views about drugs and alcohol abuse and I will try to help people who are close to me with similar problems that I went through by giving them knowledge that I learned today."

"As a result of attending this class I will change the way I live my life and how I am impacting others around me with my alcohol use."